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Real unedited testomonials

I just wanted to tell you how PLEASED I was with your product!! I thought I was going to have to replace the carpet in my guest bedroom and shellac the floor where my standard poodle peed. We moved to a new house and she was upset.

I even had a pro come to it, still smelled. It took 2 treatments of Odorfix, but the smell is GONE. I'm so thrilled...it's the small things in life, right?

Many Thanks,
Aurora, Colorado

At this point, I have treated one room to a great extent as it was very very smelly. It was so bad you couldn't stand to walk in there even. People couldn't believe the stench. I treated it a lot.

So far I am very impressed with your product. With all the contractors I've had visit before the treatment, they might all be using your product from now on once they come back and smell post-treatment.

They are coming later this week to repair the drywall I cut out. I'm just glad I didn't have to cut out the particle board subfloor all because of Odorfix.


I purchased your product months ago and used it. I found it to be very effective. I have 2 senior cocker spaniels who sometimes have accidents. I ran out and instead of coming here and reordering I picked up a gallon of Natures M*****. To be frank, it was NO miracle.

I used the whole gallon on just a couple of spots having to go back up to 3 times rewetting and blotting up excess, and I can still smell the urine! Your product is so much more superior to anything I have ever found on the market. I mix up one cup at time and one application has always done the trick! Thank you for such a great product! I am now a loyal customer!


I have tryed several products before finding yours on the internet. I have a male cat that sprayed in my back bedroom. I found Pets and Kids on the internet, IT FAILED TO DO THE JOB. I continued and found your product. I thought RIGHT< heres another product that claims to remove cat urine. I ordered your product and IT WORKS GREAT.

I mixed the odorfix sprayed it in the room and no more smell. My daughter has 5 cats that used her downstairs(2 rooms) as a cat box. I mixed the product and NO MORE SMELL. YOUR PRODUCT REALLY WORKS WONDERS,I wish every one would try your ODORFIX first, it doesnt cost much and is fantastic.

I wasted money on the other product, but NOT YOURS. ODORFIX should be sold in stores. I recommend it to everyone I know that has a problem with odors.

Thank You very much

Can you please tell me how long the 32 oz bottle will have free shipping?

I really love your product. It really works. It was recommended to me by a woman who takes in stray cats and has quite a few (some having accidents). I have a mentally challenged young neutered male with behavorial issues.

He is now on a female hormone (it was my last resort) and I use your product if he has an accident. The accidents have deminished but he still has a few now and again. I would like to continue to be a customer as long as I have my special feline child.

Thank you,
Kelly L.

I have used Odorfix Plus in the past with excellent results on carpet and hardwood floors. I am now having a problem with a concrete floor in my basement. Will it work there, too?

I think it's great, thanks!

Thanks. I got it yesturday and started using it already. I had the blue/black light already. All I can say is the stuff is terrific. The area I treated will not be dry for a couple of days to tell for sure. Wow!


I have used OdorFix Plus to remove cat urine on rugs, hardwood floors, upholstery and will now try it on a cement floor. I like the fact that OdorFix Plus has no odor and comes in a concentrate that I can mix anytime I need to use it.

One 32oz bottle has lasted for 2 years in a household that at one time had 7 cats. I am pleased to say that I have shared the product with others and have referred coworkers, friends and my Vet's office to the OdorFix Plus website.

I have tried many products over the years that simply did not work- I will never use anything else.


Good morning, Jimmy.

Thank you so much! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I had to order the 16 oz because I just lost my job and couldn't manage the larger size that you had sent me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your generosity and great product are very much appreciated!


I wanted to thank you for your reply. Your idea is one I probably wouldn't have thought of. I had tried using lime as a cover (from days gone by when all we had was the outhouse) and it did cover the odor a bit. I will send anyone I meet with a smaller problem to your website because I recognize that by offering me your advice show's an honesty in your business practices.

Thanks Again,
Gary Schraceo

Thank you for the information you sent regarding removing the odor from my cement floor. I've used OdorFix Plus for the past 2.5 years and have always had great results.

Absolutely, I would love to write a testimonial- I've been so satisfied that I've referred co-workers to the OdorFix website as well as told my Vet about the product.

Thanks again!
Scranton, PA